View Full Version : I'm Back...For Now!

01/15/2010, 02:11 PM
Hey all, well I haven't left yet and I got too depressed seeing an empty 210 in the basement. So the its up and running and kicking butt!

I set the tank up about a week ago, using 60gal of old water and my wet sandbed and my old "live rock" (I pretty much killed it to get the annoying rock anemoes off and the little starfish). I have the whole system running with a few little updates and its going great!

Skimmer started skimming brown crude that smells so very nice, and I have 5 fish buzzing around the tank happy as hell. I can't wait til this sucker is completely up and running.

How is everyone doing?


01/15/2010, 02:13 PM
good good, any pics of your new system??? what lights you using? any future plans on inhabitants?