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Paul B
01/16/2010, 03:43 PM
Unfortunately, this little guy that I collected this summer is almost blind.
A couple of months ago he got a severe eye infection where his eyes were completely clowded over and they developed fungus. Him and others of his kind have a habit of swimming back and forth along the glass trying to get out and they scrape their eyes while doing it. he is only in a 10 gallon tank with locally collected fish.
He is totally cured of the eye infection and again has beautiful blue eyes but he is very near sighted and can not see hardly anything except other fish, which he tries to bite.
I can no longer just put food near him to feed him. Now I have to feed him from the end of a tube which he can see. He sucks the food out of it and still eats like a pig. He just can't see small items.
I rescued this fish after he traveled up to New York on the gulf stream.
I would like to give this fish away being I will be away soon and I have no one to take care of him.
Of course if anyone wants to babysit him for a week next month that would also be possable.
There is someone in California that wants him but it is very cold here now and the last time I mailed something to California (actually it was to Bob Goemans) he thaked me for the frozen shrimp. :D
So I can't mail him now.
If anyone is interested in him, or wants to babysit him and can pick him up in a few weeks, let me know.

He is about an inch and a quarter or so.



Paul B
01/16/2010, 04:28 PM
He is in a tank with these guys, also collected.
I also want to give them away for the same reason