View Full Version : Found new critters, need ID(sorry no pics)

01/20/2010, 06:28 PM
Ok, first cool thing I found one of my "poppers". It was a pistol, about half as long, and 1/3 as "thick" as a standard BIC pen cap. Teeny tiny guy. I got him Id'd tho.

The others:

1-Ok, this guy LOOKS like a spaghetti worm. It has maybe 4-8 tenticles, about 1.5-2" long. It is living underneath my Acan, possibly in the frag plug. The thing that strikes me as odd, as I have more than a few spaghettis, is that it appears to have YELLOW tenticles with 3-4 little splotches of black on the tenticles. What is this, and is it bad?

2-This one I believe is a bristle-worm. It is about as thick around as a sewing needle, and I saw about 3 inches of it, pressed up against the glass in the sand(do bristle worms live in the sand?) The best way I can explain it is by taking a tiny goby, and REALLLLLLY making it tiny. Then cut it off right behind the belly, and add a snowflake eel's body to the back. It did not "appear" to have the "hairs" on the side of a bristle worm. It also had what I can only describe as tenticles coming out of the front of his head, much like a shrimp would. Is this a bristle, or possibly some kind of sand-dwelling worm? It did have a defined "hole" but there was no visible tube. He also came out to check out the shrimp as far as I could tell. This is not a starfish tenticle, as I am sure it had a "head" with eyes.

01/20/2010, 06:35 PM
also wanted to add, i did find a pic of a yellow spaghetti worm, so I guess it can be done. Is this going to harm my acan?

And, I looked at a pretty wide variety, from various sites, of bristle worm pics. ALL of them show something with multiple tenticles (4+), where mine most certainly only has 2, and like I said it appears to have eyes.

Thanks so much guys for ANY help.

01/20/2010, 06:35 PM
have you seen this webstie? pretty crazy stuff here! maybe your guys are here.

01/20/2010, 08:13 PM
^thanks. I knew it was there, but I guess I never thought there was a worm page. Should have guessed.

So i guess it MOST closely, but NOT really, looks like a Eunicid. I guess the good thing is that he is about .5mm thick, and only 4" long or so. Bad thing, I will have issues when he gets larger.