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01/25/2010, 01:58 PM

I'm reasearching to buy a chiller for the upcoming summer. I have a 60g cube with sump, vertex in 100, 250w DE Phoenix with 4 t5's that are suspended about 7 inches above the water and 2 vortechs (1 mp20 and 1 mp10). The major factor for heat is obviously the 250w phoenix and ambient air temp as I'm facing west with a lot of windows.

Anyway I would love to buy the Ecoplus 1/10hp since it's only $420 or so and it has a small foot print. If anybody has used this can you tell me how quiet it was and how effective it was? my Major concern is noise, effectiveness on a 60g and reliability!

My other option is a Teco 1/8th. I hear it's super quiet and efficient but at $750 it's rather expensive! Anybody have experience with this unit? Is it worth the extra money to get this over the eco plus. another down side to this unit is the foot print is much larger.


01/25/2010, 02:21 PM
Not sure about those chillers but when i purchased my 1/3hp i wish i would of purchased a drop in chiller rather than a plumbed one as it's a lot easier to deal with atleast in my situation.

01/25/2010, 02:35 PM
I have to thow my .02 in here.

I LOVE my Teco. It runs at about the same volume as small fridge, but honestly I dont notice it at all. If you do need it to be quiet for a while it does have a quieter mode (I dont use it though as it is quiet enough for me). In addition the company has great customer service (the tech guy humored me for 15 minutes while I asked for head loss graphs, pressure ratings, and a bunch of other stuff to run flow calcs with). Finally, if you order directly from TECO, they offer refurbished units with the same warranty as the new ones at significantly reduced prices. I paid ~650 for a TR15 with an installed heater and shipping.

Having owned many chillers, this one is my favorite.

01/25/2010, 02:51 PM

Anybody with experience with an Ecoplus 1/10?

01/25/2010, 11:10 PM
anybody with an ecoplus?