View Full Version : Booster pump problems

01/25/2010, 04:09 PM
I will try here now...Ive left 2 messages last week and an email via your site. I bought a booster pump and other items. The pump was installed following all the directions prior to install. I was making a 100 gallons and pressure was at about 75 and working perfect. 3/4 into production I checked on the unit and the pressure was back to what it was before the pump, about 38. So what do I do or do you have any suggestions? or does anyone else have any? Ive never had probs with your customer service until now. I even left 2 contact numbers incase you missed me at one of them.

Any and all help is appreciated. The pump still runs as I can feel the motor spinning.

01/30/2010, 10:05 PM
Yeah ive called twice and both times no answers. And their mailbox is full.