View Full Version : Will adding a booster pump to my RO unit improve it's effeciency?

01/27/2010, 04:43 PM
I currently run a Kent Maxxima HiS RO/DI unit. It produces 1 gallon of product water to 3 gallons of waste water (1:3 ratio). My house water pressure isn't bad but isn't anywhere near what it would be with an added pump.

2 Questions...

1. Will simply adding a booster pump increase it's efficiency? Some new units I see with pumps claim a 1:1/1:1.5g ratio.

2. Any idea by about how much.


Buckeye Hydro
01/28/2010, 03:17 AM
Well, it depends upon what you mean by "efficiency."

If you increase the operating pressure with a pump and don't change the flow restrictor, will more water go through the membrane and less water to drain? Yes.

If you simply put a different flow restrictor in your current system ($4), could you decrease that 3.5:1 ratio?

Under normal circumstances, do you want that?
No. The 4:1 ratio is designed to provide adequate waste water flow to provide a reasonable life span on the membrane.

We can set you up with parts so that ratio can be decreased because your system will automatically flush the membrane - and in turn you could decrease your current 3.5:1 ratio. This setup is best applied if you have a water softener feeding the system, or the quality of your feedwater is such that minerals are unlikely to deposit on the membrane (e.g., negative LSI).

If you want to experiment at minimal cost, try for instance using a 50 gpd flow restrictor with a 75 gpd membrane for example.

A higher cost option would be that auto-flush set up I mentioned above.

Another thing to think about is optional uses for your waste water so that none of it is... wasted (e.g., extend the waste water tube to your washing machine and use it to do laundary.