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02/03/2010, 09:28 AM
I bought a 100gpd Premium RO/DI system about a year ago.
I used it for about a month and then stopped using it for about 6 months. Everything worked fine before the period of no use, but now I am not getting any water out of the waste line. The ro/di line puts out very little but something is coming out.
What could be wrong with the system or settings?
The pressure gauge is reading about 65 psi when all lines are closed and 55 when the ro/di line is open.
Water temperature is around 70


Buckeye Hydro
02/03/2010, 09:36 AM
Could be a number of things, but I suspect your RO membrane dried out long ago, or became fouled with biological growth while it was not used for 6 months.

I'd strip all the filters out of the system, empty the DI cartridge, reinstall it, and sanitize the system. We can send you instreuctions if you send us your email address.

Then replace all filters, including the membrane. The system should be run at least once per week.