View Full Version : 1st order, very nice.

02/06/2010, 11:35 AM
I received my 1st order from BZA on Wed. Temp was 24 at arrival, and mid low teens the night of shipping. My wife received the package, said it was packed nicely. Good job with the low temps.
I received 3 SLF crabs, 3 snails, 1 coral cat, 1 tahitian butterfly, 1 matted filefish, and from their WYSWYG a male bluejaw trigger, and a naso tang. ALL are doing great.
Very pleased with the order, have heard great things for a long time. If I have 1 complaint, its the bluejaw was labeled 4", and the tang at 3-3.5". The tang is actually larger then the bluejaw =). Both are stunning.
Thanks for the excellent order, hopefully those aiptasia eaters do what they are supposed to do, 1 of my tanks needs the help =).