View Full Version : I am back

02/24/2010, 11:04 AM
Just letting everyone here in central MO. know I have moved back from the desert. What a rude awakening the cold has been. So, I am here to help out with questions or concerns you may have. All are invited to email, post me. I will be going around to see if any local fish stores are still around and my opinions of them. So lets start building this club. I will be starting my frag tank in a month, and with a little luck, I will have frags ready for trade and sale, and free by summer. Great to be back home, I am excited to get this forum/club going again. Would like to do a meet and greet, frag raffle. Will have to see if any of the local fish stores would like to provide sponsorship. But there is nothing better than getting together having a beer and discussing corals, filtration, waterflow and fish. As you get to know me you will notice I am very passionate about the hobby. See ya soon.