View Full Version : great customer service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

02/24/2010, 09:07 PM
I placed a order with bluezoo this weekend[99 dollar order ship free]for a juvi blueface angel. I recieved my expertly packaged order yesterday 02/23. After opening the package I found the prettiest fat blue angel, was I surprised. So I took pictures before opening the bag and starting the acclimation and sent them to customer services. Today I contacted bluezoo and they were so helpful and is shipping my blueface angel to arrive friday. Thank you bluezoo staff for the great job you do, my scribble angel is my centerpiece in my DT and she eats from my hand. the juvi blue angel is eating aggressively on mysis.

02/25/2010, 09:27 AM
We should be getting some more male Scribbled Angels in this week. Hint hint wink wink :)