View Full Version : Coralife SuperSkimmers Anonymous.... the official support group... mods, tips, etc...

02/25/2010, 03:33 PM
I just wanted to start this thread for people like myself who end up using one of the bazillion Coralife Super Skimmers to be had out there, especially from the "used, cheap, and/or free" category.

If I were to actually purchase a new skimmer I'd go with something with a better reputation, but a very good friend gave me this barely used skimmer for free, and yes it DOES skim just fine.

Anyhow, I'm running one of the older style CLSS 220 models that has the internal venturi (ie, non-needle wheel) that I am running with a Quiet One 4000 pump (1,000 GPH). I am not throttling it back whatsoever, even though I do have a ball valve on it.

It skims fine but I have to keep an eye on it since it seems to be sensitive to a dirty neck (either the neck needs to be pristine clean or REALLY dirty--- anything in between and it won't skim as much... :huh:

They have the reputation for being very hard to dial in, because you turn the dial just a touch and you get MASSIVE overflow into the cup.

Here is how I solved it. I found what seems to be the minimum setting, and maximum setting, and marked them both with a sharpie. This helps tremendously. We'll see if it changes much over the coming weeks.