View Full Version : question on setting up

02/26/2010, 09:17 PM
I recieved my unit today, unfortunately i have no way of hooking it up to any of my pipes. I attempted to hook up to a copper pipe like the diagram shows, but in picture 5 of the 6 it shows a tapered tube fitting bead? i cant get the hose to stay in. there is no bead any where. ? am i doing something wrong? i am putting the nut over the yellow tap water in hose, then putting it in the casing and screwing it down tight. but the hose pops right out. also thought i would have been able to hook it up to my sink, searched everywhere today for an adapter. just sucks i have to wait another week + to even get it up and running if i order one now.

02/28/2010, 06:18 PM
There should have been a white plastic compression bead in the bag with the saddle valve and you do need it to make things work. You can run to Home Depot in the ice maker department and find another saddle valve for the bead part. I can also ship one priority mail and it takes two days. Sorry for the slow answer I've been out of town for two days.