View Full Version : Reef Lighting kelvin rating and flourescents

03/04/2010, 05:59 PM
In an article that was put in the August 2002 Reefkeeping online magazine, you made mention that the lower kelvin rating bulb (6500) on MHs was better able to produce faster growth rates in sps than the 20k bulbs. Does this still hold true now for MHs? and does this same observation hold true for regular florescent bulbs? I currently use NO bulbs (4x 40) on my 55 and am able to keep severals leathers and also a galaxia. I am wanting to experiment eventually with harder to keep corals(sps) and NO bulbs just to see if they will survive and perhaps grow. I have had the Galaxia for about 8 years and is about 5- 6 times bigger than when I bought it.

thanks for your input, love your articles.