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03/05/2010, 06:49 AM
Hi everyone, I'm just getting started had the rock in about a week now.. This rock came from an established tank.. I have IDed a few zoa's and feather dusters but these I'm not too sure about..

#1 There are three of these, after about a week they seem to be kinda melting.. I think my lights are stronger than the original tank they came out of.. I pulled one out this morning since it was barley hanging on.. and on a sister rock (1" away if that) I found a new baby (??) with a few polyps on it!

#2 Really not sure what this is:

#3 This guy folds up at night a bit. Not sure if you can see but it looks like its got a bunch of little green bubbles that make up the body, has little ridges(not sure proper terminology here) around the outer edge.
(same but zoomed out)

#4 Is this a bad or good alge?

I plan to move my rock-work around this weekend to its final resting place and would like to know if I should try to shade or keep these corals in the light.. I'm sure if I had the names I could do the back end research for proper care.. I do have- "Reef Invertebrates: An Essential Guide to Selection, Care and Compatibility" -Anthony Calfo on its way!

Thanks all! Having a great time inspecting the life on my rock and read read reading!

03/05/2010, 06:56 AM
#1 i am going with Kenya tree. The rest I'll leave for others with more experience.

03/05/2010, 07:09 AM
#1, Kenya tree, and aiptasia. Both can grow out of control. The aiptasia definitely HAS to go, and the kenya tree is probably a good idea to get them out of the tank, they take over, and can become a HUGE nuissance.

#2, LOOKS like some type of cup/sun coral. Kinda cool critter.

#3, LOOKS like either another type of cup/tube coral, OR a ball anemone. Because of where it is located, i would say ball anemone, as they tend to like low-light, HOWEVER, I know the rock came from another tank, and where the rocks are now is likely not where they were in the original tank.

#4, looks like a Kelp type. It is a macro-algae, which means it is not CONSIDERED bad algae. They usually reproduce much less, not grow quite as fast, and are generally a lot less ugly than MICRO-algaes. HOWEVER, they can become a nuissance if not properly cared for. I am not really up on my kelps, but you can check around and get a better idea, and find out if it even is a kelp.

03/05/2010, 09:22 AM
#1 looks like it may be xenia all scrunched up as well, could def be a kenya tree but it's so scrunched up but my 1st though was xenia(mine look very similar to that when they close up for the night), unsure exactly of #2, would agree that it lloks like some sort of paly, #3 does look like some type of disc anemone.....more pics of #1 if it opens will def help.......

03/05/2010, 11:38 AM
sweet pics for sure!!

1) looks like PO'd xenia
2) looks like there are two close tubes of something in the rock, so tunicate is my guess
3) heh..interesting. it looks like a shut down ball anemone or corallimorph of some sort.
4) i'll roll with Caulerpa prolifera.

03/05/2010, 01:02 PM
#1. My first thought was Kenya Tree. Might be upset because of the high light. It doesn't need much light. It could also be a wilted Xenia.

#2. Looks like some type of Zoanthid or Paly to me.

#3. Probably Ball Anemone. Google Strawberry Anemone. They're actually a cold water species, but have been showing up in a lot of reef tanks lately.

#4. Definitely Blade Caulerpa. (Caulerpa prolifera)

J Nguyen
03/05/2010, 01:04 PM
1) I'd have to go with a closed up Xenia for this one
2) Not sure about this one, maybe some LPS or paly
3) looks like a bleached out S. Tapetum (mini carpet)
4) id either go with Caulerpa prolifera or some time of seagrass

03/05/2010, 07:12 PM
AH! YES! I do believe #3 is a mini carpet after seeing that image! I definitely need to turn that rock over and give it some more light.

I'll take another pic or two tomorrow of #1. After looking at both the Kenya Tree and Xenia.. I'm still kinda up in the air since its so small. Hopefully a few pics of the new born will help, as it is not melted like the others.

#2 - Don't believe this to be a pally, its very cup shaped and does not flatten out, its mini testicles come to a point (not rounded) & they seem to extend the longest at lights out / dark. I think its some kind of cup coral at this point, maybe when it gets a bit larger I will know more. Since this one is facing up (lights) I'll work on facing it down or shaded this weekend.

Thanks all! - I'll up another pic of #1 tomorrow AM to try to lock it in.

03/05/2010, 08:50 PM
LOL, you said testicles. #1 looks like PO'd xenia.

03/06/2010, 12:44 AM
I agree #1 looks like Xenia just in bad shape