View Full Version : What happened to the Fox corals?

03/16/2010, 01:23 AM
My wife's first coral was a fox Nemenzophyllia turbida. When I started this hobby they were a dime a dozen now I cant seem to find one. When I do they don't seem to extend more than an inch or so, my wifes would stretch 3 or 4 inches across and was 7 or so inches long. Your input would be very helpful.

03/16/2010, 02:32 PM
Great question. It is the old story. When something is in abundance, nobody wants it but then when there is a shortage people can't live without it. lol

There are a few that come trickling in from Australia but not many and they are as expensive as any other Australia coral. The reason there are no Indo ones on the market has to do with a change to CITES. The name of the coral is no longer valid. The coral has been moved to a new genus and it is taking a long time for the Indonesian government to change the name on their own quota system. The name actually changed some time ago and F&WL would allow it through as a Nemenzophyllia sp. but they started really enforcing the permits late last year. It could take another six months for Indo to change the name in their system so they can be imported again.

03/16/2010, 02:39 PM
The new name is PLEROGYRA TURBIDA. I forgot to mention that. :)

03/16/2010, 09:20 PM
So how much do the Aussie foxes cost, and how much nicer are they. I would love to get a healthy fox for my wife but if the price is double or so I may wait a few months.

03/18/2010, 10:29 AM
They are at least double when they are available. They come in on the shipments that have other LPS corals like hammers and elegance. These shipments are not as frequest as those containing acans. To their credit, the fox corals from there are usually much larger and seem to have more tissue expansion than the Indo variety. Possibly due to the shorter supply chain and less stress on the animal.

03/19/2010, 07:42 PM
Well my wife fell in love with the Lakers monti, I am quickly running out of room, and either she will let me set up another tank or have to wait a while on a fox. She never liked SPS until I started getting them from ya'll, these thing color up great. I have an acro that looks identical to a garf bonsai. The whole coral was cheaper than a frag of the garf stuff. Thank you for your past and future help.