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04/04/2010, 12:01 AM
I ordered a maze brain coral and a mantis shrimp on Wed. I kept calling on thurs. to keep track of what was going on. When I called they said that they were still trying to get a hold of the mantis that I wanted, they couldn't find one so they offered me another one, which is fine, I thought it was pretty neat as well. The maze brain coral is HUGE and awesome, very happy with that! However, the mantis is a completely different species as what I was told I was being sent. I won't be able to call till monday to see what we can work out, but I'm not happy as this species is a shy one and won't come out of the burrows often. This is my first time using BZA and I'm not really having a good experience. I don't want to put them down just yet. I have faith in something getting worked out as I am happy with at least the coral.

04/04/2010, 09:19 PM
well, i think theyre a great company and sorry to hear about your displeasure, i am sure they were trying to do the best the could for you. but if i ever get one of those b*st*rds in my tank i will be sure to send it your way :)

04/04/2010, 09:35 PM
Thanks for your sympathy, but I expected the species they told me they were sending me as mark stated that the species they don't know they sell out to local vendors, so I would think they knew what a G. ternatensis was compared to a G. chiragra. As far as them being a great company, I'm sure they are, however my experience so far is not. I will call them tomorrow when they open. Please do send any mantids my way! Just another good excuse to set up a new tank.

04/05/2010, 10:24 AM
Ok, sent some pics in an email to customer service so we'll see what happens. Not the most friendliest people on the phone in terms of being understanding and apologetic, minus someone named Mike and Mark.

04/05/2010, 05:54 PM
It pains me to see posts like this when you have not even given them professional courteous of letting BZA solve the issue in a timely matter. This stuff happens when ordering anything online for that matter. It may in fact been an innocent mistake that could be taken care of off-line. I am sure a company with a great reputation like BZA will solve your issue without dragging them through this......fwiw.

04/05/2010, 06:07 PM
I don't see anything I've typed that's not courteous. I haven't bad mouthed them at all, I simply explained the experience as it unfolded. You're the one who makes it sound bad by putting your .02 in when it doesn't concern you. Yes I put it on here for all to read which is asking for scrutiny, but if you would have waited just a little bit longer I would have been typing that BZA had refunded me and appologized for the mistake made. The company may be great, however some of the phone operators need to be more customer friendly. Other than that and the mistake, I see no reason not to order from them again. Just not another confusing animal that may be mistaken. Thank you for the refund BZA. it is much appreciated.

04/06/2010, 12:59 PM
It's too bad you didn't initially like that little guy. It was by far the coolest one here. I think you did end up getting the wrong species but the one you did get would try to strike us not only through the acrylic, but also at the water surface if a hand was close by. Your welcome about the refund. We just want to make people happy. I do think that given some time it will show that aggressive streak for you and you will end up with a pretty cool little mantis. Keep us posted and take care.