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04/08/2010, 03:00 PM
From the Filter Guy's website (KATI/ANI) link:

"It is always recommended to aerate purified water at least eight hours prior to adding to the aquarium or adding a sea salt mix. This is true no matter what type of filtration is used. Since the deionization process strips the water of all hardness, it is recommended that you add back some buffer and calcium so that it does not deplete these items from either the aquarium or the salt water mix. Raising the Alkalinity dKH to 6 would be a great start for the buffer side. The first time you purify a batch of water and then mix the sea salt, measure the calcium level eight hours later. Add calcium until you reach 400 ppm and note how much calcium additive you used. For future batches, add this amount of calcium prior to adding to the aquarium or mixing with salt. Please allow an hour or two between adding the buffer and calcium."
Here's the deal...
I'm running an OCEAN REEF + 2 SIX STAGE 75 GPD RO/DI with dual membranes and getting perfect RO/DI production. Currently I mix my salt into the RO/DI to get the salinity to about 1.024 and after a couple days of mixing, I use it. My aquarium pH is normally no higher than 7.9 or so and currently the dKH is at 7.0. (Normally my dKH is higher around 10-11, but I just replaced my old Ca reactor with a new one, and after a couple months of no calcium reactor, the dKH has depleted somewhat.)

Question: Will saltwater test kits work on RO/DI (I use mostly Salifert)? I mean, if I can reliably test my RO/DI and raise the dKH to 6, then add salt, mix, then test for calcium and add accordingly, would this give me an ideally formulated salt water mix?

I do run a calcium reactor on my system so it maintains the tank pretty well, but I would like to have the salt mix formulated the best I can too, so water changes will have the most positive impact.

I've searched on how to "properly" mix salt water, and have came up empty handed, but I did remember reading this on TFG's site, and thought some clarification might help.


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The above Kati Ani quote is not my writing but the German manufacturer. I do believe in mixing salt to water and bring it to 1026.5. I bring it to usable temp and adding a Maxijet pump with a venture for 8 hours to add oxygen for best water changes as oxygen depleted water has a huge impact on your tank. I also test for alk and calcium levels and adjust if necessary.

Test kits won't work on DI water due to the absence of ions and what you get is a false reading. DI water comes out of the system with a pH of about 5.0 and rises to 7.0 with exposure to air. You need to add salt to the water and adjust from there. Check the water chemistry archives for Randys articles on adjusting water chemistry.