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04/11/2010, 08:41 AM
I replaced a HQI 250w on my aqua medic system with a Hamilton 1400K.
now it goes on for a few miniutes, then flickers, then off, back on ...etc....
Hamiltons web site says may have to burn in up to 3 weeks... (tried diferent balast - same)

any info ... experiance etc......

04/11/2010, 09:19 AM
could be a bad bulb or the ballasts might not be compatible.

04/11/2010, 09:41 AM
that is why I posted here .... I don't belive a burn in period will improve the situation.... but LFS pointes to there site.... wait 3 weeks , probably screw up the ballast.....

or ask you guys if for any experiance on this combo

LFS also insists it is perfect replacement ... of course

04/11/2010, 09:45 AM
Light bulbs don't need to flicker for 3 weeks to know something isn't right. If they don't swap the bulb for you I would consider using a reputable online source for your new equipment purchases.

04/11/2010, 11:07 AM
Its probably the bulb, lights dont flicker for 3 weeks. Hamilton also isnt the highest quality anyways

04/11/2010, 03:48 PM
sounds like a connection problem. Make sure the bulb is fully seated in the sockets.

04/11/2010, 04:01 PM
^ that's what I'm thinking

04/11/2010, 04:11 PM
Yes, I can't stress enough how important it is to make sure the bulb was actually installed properly. I had a 150w HQI fixture a few years ago where I had the company send me two different new ballasts for the same reason. lol

Turned out that they hadn't installed it with 100% contact in the sockets at the factory. Once I finally reinstalled the bulb and did it properly, I had a perfectly-working fixture and two ballasts that I really never even needed. Put the bulb in again and make sure it's getting good contact, just to be sure you can rule that out before you get a new bulb, etc.


04/11/2010, 07:05 PM
I have kind of the same problem with a dual 250HQI 48" Belize Sun. One of the bulbs wouldn't fire, Hamilton sent me a replacement - still won't fire. Moved the working one to the HQI socket of the bulb that wouldn't fire using same ballast - fired right up. Switched ballasts (both Hamiltons), fired right up. Moved the nonworking bulb to the other socket, doesn't fire with either ballast. Have reseated the bulb several times. Waiting on a different brand bulb and a different brand ballast this week. Waiting...

04/11/2010, 08:15 PM
Also check the metal on the bulb itself ( Where it sits in the ceramic endcaps) sometimes it needs to be bent out a little to provide a better contact point.

04/12/2010, 07:40 AM
I put the old bulb in (aqua medic) and it works fine

here in Canada it isn't worthwhile to import 1 bulb , so I rely on LFS for smaller purchases

unfortunately I didn't do enough research , I have usually purchased the plain white box variety , they work very well, saw the Hamilton name brand and blew the extra 20 bucks....

Thanks for the help