View Full Version : Rkl level 3????

j.p. harrington
04/12/2010, 09:17 PM
anyone got one are they easy to use? worth the money? worht putting on a 75 gallon mixed reef?

thanks for help and advice in advance

04/13/2010, 06:21 AM
I've had one on my nano 24 for over a year now and love it.

i bought it with expectations of using it on my 50 breeder build but must say it works great on the 24.

i would get the sl2 over the sl1 if possible. unless of coarse you want to measure orp.

also the mlc is great.

04/13/2010, 10:14 AM
I have one.. Not installed yet but its programed and bought an ALC module to dim led lights. Can also be used for moonlights as well. Everything as far as programming is fairly straight fwd for the most part. Utilize their website for help. If you get stuck EMAIL them for support. You'll get help quicker. Overall a great productt though.

j.p. harrington
04/13/2010, 06:43 PM
so im confused do u have to buy add ons to use the controler

Perched Urchin
04/13/2010, 07:02 PM
I have an RKL1 on a holding tank right now and love it. I use it only for a light timer and temp control right now. You can do a lot with what you get right out of the box, and if you got an RKL3, you would have even more options because it comes with the SL1 (however, as someone previously mentioned, really the SL2 is probably a more useful module, as it comes with a salinity monitor function versus ORP monitor).

I also have an extra PC4 and I just ordered the SL2, a 20' bus cable, a pH probe and a dual float switch for use in my pending build where I will have a remote sump (in another room).

I will have the head unit mounted on the stand of the display and will use 1 PC4 to control my MH light (the Reefkeepers have a special safety delayed-start function if the power flickers so you don't blow a MH bulb by having it go out and right back on), my actinics, my lunar lights and my canopy fans.

At the sump, the second PC4 and SL2 will be used to control temp, dual solenoid valves for my ATO resevoir (used in conjunction with manual float valve on my RO/DI syste, just as a safety measure), dual solenoid valves for my ATO used with the dual float switch, timer for my refugium lighting and to run pH and salinity probes.

All of this is easily programmed through the head unit.

I came really close to picking up an RKE on the for sale forum, but after thinking about it, with the RKL, even with 2 PC4s and the SL2 module, I still have room for one more module if I need it (the RKL conrols only 4, the RKE can control over 100, in theory, I believe). Oh, and if you ever want to upgrade to the RKE head end, you can do so for $150 through Digital aquatics and all you have to change out is the head end - everything else can stay in place!

Is the RKL worth the money? If you buy anything but standard manual timers for your lights, you could easily end up spending the ~$90 you will spend on the RKL1 and have only timers. Just the extra security of having the temp probe backing up the thermostats in your heaters is definetly worth any additional difference, IMO.

j.p. harrington
04/15/2010, 10:33 AM
ok thanks for the info