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04/24/2010, 07:06 AM
Some of you know my system in place, and my long term goals involve being able to run a very successful tank without a skimmer, or major maintence. One of the things I am hoping to use is simple volume, and natural Biology. Due to unplanned mitigating factors I am also running on a very limited budget.

I ran across a 300 gallon rubbermaid stock tank, and it looks to me like the place for an ideal mangrove swamp. The fishroom a built has natural afternoon sunlight and I hope to use that to my advantage and most likely use t-5 lighting in the winter months as I live pretty far north.

The plan is to create an "island" with water pumped through the top of it using a couple hundred pounds of base rock I have in storage, most likely attached with spray foam like I have used throughout my tank. Then I would like to stock it with as many mangroves as I can find and intraduce mostly scavengers. Ideally I would like at least some that could eat the alga that grows on the waterflow off the island. I think Sally lightfoot crabs and the like might be ideal for that.

The issue I need to address is evaporation/moisture. My house has already had issues due to moisture and another 36 square ft would most likely overwhelm what I have in place to deal with the mold as it is.

So I'm looking for cost effective yet remaining veiwable and maintainable ideas to put all this in place.

04/24/2010, 07:12 AM
sounds like some kind of an air exchanger system could be quite beneficial. i like the idea of having a mangrove system, and understand the concern over the moisture. i seem to recall reading a few build threads in the large tank forum where folks employed some kind of air exchanger to deal with moisture issues. that might be the answer in your case too.

04/24/2010, 07:41 AM
In addition to running an AC in the room I do have fans to create a negative flow in to the room. My main concern/idea is to try and find a astectically pleasing/affordable way to limit the additional evaporation entirely. My current thought is to build a platform and completely seal the enviroment with somethilg like a sliding glass door (which I happen to have kicking around) and maybe some duct work to attach it to the exaust fans and somewhere allow some intake. I already lose 5 gallons a day or so, I'd rather not double it. I also need this to not run away with the bank as far as my checking account goes.

The other thing I have to keep in this house is that it needs to be dog/cat proof. I have 3 dogs and a couple cats... won't even get in to the joys of Ferrets.

04/24/2010, 09:14 AM
This fish room you speak of, how big is it? You could install one or two bathroom exhaust fans on timers. Vented into your attic space, with proper attic flow, you could end the moldy and musty problems. As a contractor that is what I would recommend

04/24/2010, 10:57 AM
give or take its 15x20' there is a laundry room jutting in to it. It used to be my garage, but I fixed that. There is a fan expelling air in addition to the AC unit creating the negitive pressure, but the opening in to the garage is about 4'x7' now (from my kitchen). There is already a moisture issue even with that vent + the AC unit (that helps cool the tank). I live in the pacific NW (100 miles north of Seattle) so we don't see humidity less than 70% very often. I've already burned up one humidifier.