View Full Version : Do I Need to Worry About My Diamond Goby Pair?

04/25/2010, 01:49 PM
I just a got a pair of Valenciennea puellaris yesterday from my LFS (Midwest Corals). I have heard that the they can be extremely difficult to keep at times (intestinal worms, etc), while they can also be extremely hardy.

The LFS says they have had them for 2 weeks, and that they were eating fine. the two just happened to pair up in the store display tank. They have been eating the pellets the store recommended, and have been quite active. they seem a little skinny, but have been eating like pigs already on the second day so I am hoping I can fatten them up. They have already made there burrow, and seem to be working on another.

So, does it seem like I am the clear, or should I expect a relapse in the next week or two?

Thanks for the help!

04/25/2010, 02:53 PM
a relapse of what? sounds like things have been going just fine.