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04/25/2010, 08:20 PM
since reading this forum who better to answer this question.
I would like to create lightning im my rsm 130d,( just like the profilux controller) using 4 cree xre led's and a driver from luxeon, i'm thinking the 3023 wired buckpuck 700mah and a pic axe controller. i would like them to flash in random and multi flash.I am not that programmer savy.I have been checking out a few electronics forms and it would appear that this information is a seceret. as far as the setup and programming goes. so if anyone is interested in giving me a hand to attempt this let me know.
thanks kevin.

05/15/2010, 09:09 PM
I can't find the datasheet for the 3023.
The first site listing the part says it has a 10v data pin...
Not sure if that's for 0-10v linear DC control or PWM...

Either should be dead simple to do with an ATmega/Arduino microcontroller...
I imagine it is the same with a pic axe.

If you can find a datasheet I'd be happy to give you some sample arduino code (I don't play with PICs usually)