View Full Version : Thinking of Upgrading

05/06/2010, 11:11 AM
I currently have a 36G running with AC70 and AC50, no skimmer. The HOB filters are mainly used to move water along with a couple of powerheads. I have 3 fish, one shrimp, a few snails and other critters. I also have a bunch of softies. It's been on a cruise control for the last two years or so. I am looking at buying a used setup for my Freshwater tank, but the one I want to get is a full SW set up and the owner will only sell everything together (120G tank). What I can do is buy the big tank and the whole setuo, set it up as a FW tank and convert my current FW 90G into a SW set up put everything that comes with the 120G in the 90G. Can I run a 90G without a skimmer? I would add two additional AC100 for water movement, but LR and LS would be my main filteration mechanism. As long as I keep my stocking low, would this continue to work for 90G as it did for 36G? I don't see why it wouldn't but wanted to run it folks here. Thanks!