View Full Version : What 400w mh bulb would you recommend.

05/07/2010, 03:24 PM
to replace my 20k reeflux SE 400w ?
it died today after 6months of 8h a day.( it turned pink )
the ballast is fine as I had a used replacement and it works perfect with that one.

I'm looking at giesemann 13k megachrome, maybe radium 20k..
what else is there ?
I only have a single bulb to replace.. so spending a little more is not so much a concern.. I just want a really good bulb.

my reflector is the 20x20 octagonal lumenbright reflector.

pics, links welcome.


05/07/2010, 04:11 PM
I like my 20k radium

05/07/2010, 04:23 PM
+1 for Radium 20k. I just bought 2 on sale for $63 a piece on Hamilton's site.

05/07/2010, 09:34 PM
Hamilton's site ?

u got a link ?

05/08/2010, 12:02 AM
I love the Aquaconnect Mogul Metal Halide 400 Watt 14000 K Lam. http://www.aquariumspecialty.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=28_35_296

IMO, it's some of the best I have seen. I also did try the 20K radium, too blue for me. it seems to make everything wash-blue.

here is sample of the sigle 400 watt aquaconnect with no other lights.

05/08/2010, 01:19 AM
kinda pricey but looks awesome! whats the life on one of these bulbs?

05/08/2010, 06:04 AM
What kind of ballast are you running?

05/08/2010, 09:38 AM
I liked the XM20k and the radium...for 400w almost liked the XM20k better

05/08/2010, 10:50 AM
I have a coralvue(CV) dimmable 400w ballast.

Mr. Brooks
05/08/2010, 02:02 PM

Daniel Reef
05/08/2010, 02:22 PM
kinda pricey but looks awesome! whats the life on one of these bulbs?

According to the website, the bulbs last 1 1/2 years even though it costs $145. You would have to buy 3 Radium Bulbs for a total of $63*3=$189. That's a saving of $44 if accurate.

05/08/2010, 07:07 PM
xm20k for me

05/08/2010, 07:42 PM
Hamilton's site ?

u got a link ?

this is what i found