View Full Version : Workhorse 7 ballast and 2x 6' vho

05/11/2010, 12:51 PM

New to the DIY lighting world and had a question about this lighting setup. I bought a used workhorse 7 220W ballast and its currently running 2 6' 110W bulbs, 1 blue actinic and 1 vho white.

I notice that this ballast gets pretty hot after being on a few hours can touch it without burn but is "uncomfortable" to hold your hand on it for more then 10 seconds. The guy i bought it from said he ran it the same as i have it setup for over 2 years with no probs and hot is normal.

Does this sound right? am i over working this ballast? Just want to double check as ive already lost a house when i was younger to a fire (not aquarium related) .. :eek: :thumbdown

Lights have been running about 2 weeks now 10hrs a day, no noticed problems..

Jeremy B.
05/11/2010, 12:52 PM
This is completely normal for this ballast, and how it should run, you are just fine.