View Full Version : Breaking down tank sale.

05/16/2010, 06:31 AM
I am breaking down my 120 and trying to sell some of the larger equipment locally to avoid ridiculous prices on USPS shipping.

Octopus 300 Pro skimmer. This is an amazing skimmer, pulls TONS of crud! It is run on the askoll 1500 pump, which is much much much more reliable than the sicce pumps. Also has a gate valve mod for the skimmer. Cannot get a better skimmer than this for under 5 or 600$. I am only asking 375$

I also have a K2 Pro calcium reactor made by Coral Farms. http://www.coralfarms.com/1024x800.htm I have modified the reactor for reverse flow by adding a bulkhead at the top and using flex tubing to run down to the pump. I also upgraded to a larger pump (the ehiem 1250 pump). A very large reactor good for the high demands of SPS filled aquariums. 250$

I also have two lumen bright small reflectors. 90$ each or 170$ for both.

Also are two newer style electronic icecap 250w MH ballasts. 100$ each

05/16/2010, 06:34 AM
Sorry, on the coralfarms website you will have to click on hardware on the left column (at the top it is hard to see) then the K2 pro calcium reactor. The reaction chamber is 24x6 inches and the overall height is 34 inches.