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05/22/2010, 08:58 PM
Anyone run into problems with Apex Probe Module 1? I just installed a PM1 to my Apex Aquacontroller, so that I can add an additional PH probe. The designation for the new PH probe is PHx4. I enabled the PHx4 probe using the display module at: setup->PH setup->PH enabled. Then I added the new probe to the display to show up on the home screen at: setup->display setup->home display menu. Here's the problem, the PHx4 probe shows up on the display okay, but then disappears at random after a while. Every time this happens, I go back in and check to see if the probe is enabled, and sure enough it is. I re-enable it and it shows up again on the display then disappears when I walk away. I then went to Neptune System's website and found new firmware version 4.03 (I had 4.01 in mine) for the Apex module. I updated my version to 4.03 thinking there may be a bug with the 4.01 and the same problem occurs. I am hoping someone has run across this problem before and really appreciate any help I can get on this one. Thanks.

05/22/2010, 09:06 PM
there is a sponsor forum where you can ask the question there, you might get a faster response

05/23/2010, 11:13 AM
ok, thanks.