View Full Version : Ever seen this morph?

Dont Ask Me
05/24/2010, 01:58 AM
Thought id share my new purchase never seen one like it before.http://img293.imageshack.us/img293/2580/002li.jpg (http://img293.imageshack.us/i/002li.jpg/)

Dont Ask Me
05/24/2010, 01:59 AM
Picture quality pretty crappy but the center is clear with 6 groups of purple dots, outside is fluro pink with white edge.

Dont Ask Me
05/24/2010, 03:45 AM
What type of morph is it, is it a morph, somebody also suggested a mini carpet anenome.
Any thoughts or ideas would be great i cant find anything like it on the net.

05/24/2010, 04:35 AM
I think it is a anemone Stichodactyla tapetum. looks real nice though

Dont Ask Me
05/24/2010, 06:39 AM
Sure is! OMG $600 dollars ea here in AUS! still wetting myself with amazement.

05/24/2010, 10:13 AM
U mean $600 AUD for this 'Mini-Carpet' specimen ?

05/24/2010, 10:23 AM