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05/29/2010, 07:09 AM
I'm considering purchasing your 75GPD Ocean Wave 5-stage:

What exactly is the chloramine upgrade? Does it swap out one of the carbon filters with something chloramine specific? Do I even need the upgrade to remove chloramine? - I've heard that adequate carbon filtration (which the O.W. has plenty of... 2 carbon filters vs. the single filters of many competitors) is sufficient to remove chloramines.

I don't know if my water has chlorine or chloramine, will my filter still adequately remove chlorine if I get the upgrade? If so, does the chloramine cartridge contribute to chlorine removal (will I end up replacing the chlorine filter while the chloramine one does nothing?)


06/01/2010, 09:00 AM
Post-holiday weekend bump.

06/01/2010, 11:07 PM
The Ocean Wave is what we consider our nano reefers system and I suggest you move up to one of our systems with a full size DI. Here is your water quality report and you do have chloramine. http://ci.ftlaud.fl.us/h2o/water_report.pdf

All carbon filters will filter chloramine and chlorine some are just better at it then others and low capacity drink water quality filters are the poorest. Our chloramine upgrade filters are high capacity filters designed to give you maximum filtration. We offer the upgrade on all systems where other vendors offer it on only one system for a $40-50 up charge.