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06/03/2010, 09:39 PM
I came home from work today and my aquarium was 83. All of my livestock looked fine. I removed the glass top and it dropped the temp about two degrees in a couple of hours. I am still concerned because it was hot today but can get significantly hotter here. I even had the AC set to 76 in my home. What is the highest temp the tank can reach before it causes issues? I don't want a chiller but am not ruling it out.

Also, those with open tops what can you put over the aquarium besides egg crate to keep smaller fish and snails in?

06/03/2010, 10:47 PM
go to home depot and buy a do it your self window screen kit
use bird netting from the outdoor section
cost ya bout 20 bucks
buy a couple 6 dollar fans at wally world and mount them where they blow across your sump or top of display tank will drop temp a degree or two easy
im in texas gets way over 100 here and have never used chillers
i wouldnt want to go over 83 though

06/04/2010, 07:10 AM
I wouldn't want it to go above 83.0 for any length of time. I get worried when mine hits 82 even though that's fine. I try to stay b/t 77-80.

Agree with posting about the fans. I have a large fan on my sump wired to my apex. Cuts on at 79.9.

I also plan on mounting a few 4" cooling fans on the back of my tank to cool the water surface. I have a lot of heat coming off my Giesemman infinity light fixture which has no cooling fans.

06/04/2010, 07:45 AM
My canopy has 6" two ice cap fans on each side. I run 6 HO t5 lights that are about 13" above the water. When I removed the glass top the temp dropped 4 degrees in a couple of hours. Adios glass top Devilsfan thanks for the bird netting idea!

06/04/2010, 09:24 AM
I use a reefkeeper lite and a fan in my sump. The fan comes on above 81* and the heater comes on below 79*. I keep the house at 78-80* during the work day and have never come home to an issue. I just use one of those $7 clip on fans from walmart.

06/04/2010, 09:47 AM
if you've already put a lot of money in the tank and you're not strapped for cash right now, why not get a chiller? my #1 worry with my tank is temperature swings, because that can easily wipe out an entire tank in a few hours. I'd hate nothing more than to come home after work to a 88 degree tank with everything dead.

I'm not saying go out and get one now, but if a fan isn't cutting it, and the temperature is only going to get hotter this summer, why risk it?

06/05/2010, 09:14 AM
Reefs in the wild don't get hotter then 85 degrees on average (great barrier reef).... the easiest fix might be just to turn the ac down further.

06/05/2010, 10:38 AM
Reefs in the wild don't get hotter then 85 degrees on average (great barrier reef).... the easiest fix might be just to turn the ac down further.
Worldwide the average high temperature on reefs is 86. Many reefs regularly get much hotter than that though without issue.

The average annual temperature for reefs is about 82 F and the center of reef diversity averages about 83-84. Rather than being dangerous temperatures, these are just about ideal for most species we keep.

There is NOT a set temperature that you should be worried about. The stress threshold is determined by acclimatization. The general rule of thumb for the stress threshold of corals is that temps 2-4 degrees above the seasonal maximum are stressful. If your tank normally doesn't get above 80 then you don't want to let it get above about 82 without a long period of acclimatization. If it normally gets to about 82 then you can safely get to about 84 before you start worrying. The absolute limit of acclimatization for most corals is in the low 90s, but there are a few that probably can't go beyond about 88.