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06/12/2010, 10:56 PM
Hi all, I'm interested in setting up a 75 gallon salt fish only reef ready tank. (standard 48 x18x21 dimensions). The most economical, acceptable stand/canopy at the (overpriced but knowledgeable!) store I've chosen seems to be the Aqueon classic pine in black. http://www.aqueonproducts.com/products/classic-pine-stands-canopies.htm

The Aqueon Modern (classic) Mission is preferred but pricey: http://www.aqueonproducts.com/products/classic-mission-series.htm

Has anyone used either of these and what's your feedback? They're asking $850 for the glass top, strip light, stand, tank and canopy for the pine, and $1,650 for the Modern Mission. Is that a good price?

I prefer the looks of the cheaper Calypso Birch stand/canopy produced by R & J of Florida from the fishtank direct website, located here:


It's less than $700 for a beautiful stand and canopy that I think they claim it is solid wood.

Has anyone heard of R & J or fishtanksdirect? What questions should I be asking to determine if it will work with the sump system that the pricey store picked out for me, and if it's good enough to support the 75 gallon tank?

Any other suggestions, either particular products or affordable vendors? Thanks in advance!

06/12/2010, 11:52 PM
Capable of building your own stand/canopy? There are numerous threads in the DIY section about how to do it, you could save a good bit of money. I've had the aqueon pine stand, it held the tank, bu I ended up adding supports inside for peace of mind. It was also way too short, 24", I ended up making my own that is 36" tall.

06/13/2010, 01:17 AM
If you can, make your own! It's not that hard and with the price of those stands you list, you could easily buy all the tools needed and the wood and still come under budget.

06/13/2010, 05:43 AM
Hi Aquagirl. I have the Aqueon classic pine in black for my 110 gal. It is 48x18x28, plus a canopy. I have an Aqueon MegalFlow sump, which BTW they don't make anymore, a good sized skimmer, a UV filter, and a large canister filter plus assorted doodads residing in the cabinet. The canopy is lightweight, and I can easily remove and replace, which I do frequently.

There are certainly better stands and canopies out there, but for the price and convenience, the classic pine can not be beat, IMHO.

You will definitely want a better light fixture than the plain fluorescent strip light. If you get this set up from your pricey but knowledgeable LFS, have him give you credit for the strip light, and get on-line to check prices on T5 or PC lights. Then, go back to your LFS and ask him to match that price. Most LFS can match the price, or will even take a loss on single large items, because they will sell you a lot of smaller items later on.

06/13/2010, 07:57 AM
+1 to palting, but I would add to lose the glass top as well for gas exchange.

06/13/2010, 01:30 PM
Hi all, I appreciate all the quick responses. Very helpful to know that you're satisfied with the 110 gallon Aqueon pine, and thanks to everyone for all of the other tips and suggestions.

06/13/2010, 02:04 PM
Aqueon is over priced. You're partially paying for the name. Not saying they make junk, at all, but I'm saying you can easily find better for less money. I'd visit your local stores and see what they have to offer.

+10000 for loosing the glass top. It's a no brainer.