View Full Version : which powerhead for twin reactor?

06/15/2010, 07:55 PM
ok got the reactor setup 1lt of biopellets ready to go

now im in need of a power head not too sure what type or what turnover i need to run the reactor???
i had a little 400lt/h but thats buckled.

i know most guys r saying maxijet1200 but we cant source them here
so what would b the equivlent and what turnover powerhead would i need
no info from reactor or pellets web


06/16/2010, 07:20 AM
Not sure we can answer without more details, like the reactor(s) you're using.

If most are starting with a MJ1200, I'd find whatever you can of the equivalent. What brands do you have readily available? You're looking for something in the range of 200gph with no head.