View Full Version : I received a shipping refund... wow

06/15/2010, 11:52 PM
Placed about a $250.00 order with them this past weekend via their website. After the order was reviewed by them they refunded me some $$ for excess shipping charges. Wow... Not too many people that would fess up to that.. Way to go.:celeb2:

06/16/2010, 05:08 AM
there are a few good internet retailers. I go out of my way to keep using them. Should I need filters in the future I will be trying them.

06/16/2010, 05:30 AM
Twice, over the past few years, I have ordered something from TFG out of haste and needed to add something after the order was completed. Both times I have just placed the second order and shot them an email about consolidating them. Both times, I had no problem, and the shipping was removed from one of the orders.

The Filter Guys are really a class act. :)

08/09/2010, 08:13 PM
I placed an order w/ these guys in the past - great experiences here!