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06/17/2010, 06:25 PM
So, I've had this BH-300F skimmer since late November or early December and frankly it's been lots of trouble. I've had one crappy Resun pump replaced under warranty and the replacement is beginning to fail again. The air inlets on the volute clog every few days even though I used a drill bit to open them up more. Finally, it dumps tons of microbubbles into my tank and has from day one. I've had it with this skimmer. I've still got the box and I've been contemplating sending the skimmer back to Coralvue with a note telling them how disappointed I am with their product. Instead, I wrote an email and got a reply:

I have a HOB BH-300F that I've owned since November and I've been having nothing but trouble with this thing. You folks have already had to send me a new Resun pump when the one in the first chamber began to stall frequently and finally burned up. Now I've got the same problem with that pump and more recently the air inlet on the volute of the bottom pump has been clogging at least once a week. I tried to alleviate this problem by using a drill bit to open up the air inlet a bit but that hasn't taken care of the problem and pulling the skimmer apart every week to clear the volute is absolutely ridiculous.

Do you folks have a solution for the frequent Resun pump failures? Is there anything that I can do to make this skimmer work or did I waste my money on this thing? From what I've read on the net I'm not the only person that's having trouble with the pumps in this skimmer. It really makes me wonder how these skimmers made it to market with this issue. Don't you folks test your products? Give me a solution here!


Hi Michael,

I do apologize for the problem. We have sold thousands of these skimmers and all our HOB skimmers prior to 2009 had the Resun pumps. We have had a few issues with the Resun pumps so we switched out all our HOB skimmers with the OTP pumps that we use on all our other Octopus skimmers. We could not update the 300f as we tried doing so. Of course we test, test, and retest all our products. There is plenty of development and design work that we put into any of the products we sell. Is all our products fail proof? Of course not, no one in any business can say that.

What I can do is help you out on a replacement pump of course. I can also try to help you out on another skimmer at our cost for your trouble. You can take a look at our website and see if there is another skimmer that you might be interested in, and we can work out a deal. Just let me know.


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"Coralvue Lighting and Octopus Aquarium Products"

My question is this. Do they have anything that I want? I don't need another crappy skimmer. Frankly, their BH-1000 looks interesting. That skimmer is rated to 100G and has an Octopus OTP-1000 pump on it. The pump is mounted outside the skimmer and appears to have unions so you can take it out for maintenance. The pump being outside the skimmer will limit the amount of heat being transferred to the water as well. I also like the look of the HOB cone skimmer, the Super Reef XP1000S. Anyone have any experience with these that they would like to share? I don't know what their cost is but what do you think would be a good deal on either of these if you think they're good skimmers? Should I just chalk this up to experience and buy a different brand of skimmer. Let me know what you think.


06/17/2010, 07:45 PM
Their new HOB skimmers with the bubblemaster pumps are amazing! A little on the large size and the red acrylic is pretty noticable. They work and perform just like an internal or external sump type skimmer. Go for the external pump model. Easier to service the pump, then trying to fish the pump out of the skimmer for service. We used this to replace the same skimmer you are complaining about on a maintenance clients aquarium with seahorses. What difference. Would definately use one again.

06/17/2010, 09:24 PM
Tagging along. I'm interested in buying the xp1000s cone as well but can't find much reviews or any pics or video of it's use.

06/18/2010, 12:36 PM
Tagging along. I'm interested in buying the xp1000s cone as well but can't find much reviews or any pics or video of it's use.

Same here. I've been looking for a month and there is very little info about them especially real world experience. I found a couple of posts from users and they were all positive. I think I'm just going to bite the bullet and get the external cone and hope it is worth the $$$.

06/20/2010, 10:44 PM
I have a reef octopus bh-2000 and its great