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06/23/2010, 08:23 PM
I had an order with them a few months back. I know people don't to name names on here but this is worth mentioning in my opinion.

My order from blue zoo was the most beautiful and lively fish / shrimp / coral I have ever, ever, ever seen.

I have ordered from Dr.Fosters (great company), saltwaterfish.com (um going to leave this one blank) and gone to big box stores and local live fish stores. IMO blue zoo is not even on the same page as these places.

The beautiful part or the way the items look for me was not the most important. Although again the best stuff I have seen, the lively / healthy part is the most important for me. Let me tell you it's like I would have picked them from the ocean and magically dropped them into my tank.

Please quarantine even if ordering from this wonderful store.

Although I will take some credit. Acclimation does play a giant roll in my opinion on whether or not your items live.
I acclimated everything slower than suggested and I made sure I had water change water available to offset the acclimation water used from my quarantine tank. Please also make sure you have some sort of biologic filtration going on in your quarantine, be it biological media, an aged sponge from your main sump or something. Seachem Stability works wonders for this application. Be sure to buy a sealed bottle and check the date.

One thing, I did not receive any acclimation material in my shipment but I was prepared as I had read they had not been sending any in other peoples shipments.

So just be sure to have some airline tubing just in case, slowly acclimate, read blue zoo's suggestions and all the information available on their site. One thing I found interesting on their site is the temperature recommendations. 78f.

But bottom line great living organism supplier. Thank you blue zoo. I have recommended you to my friends.

06/23/2010, 08:34 PM
EXCELLENT POST helpinsmepls !!!!!!! COULDNT AGREE MORE !!!!

06/25/2010, 05:29 AM
I have always had great experiences with their coral and their fish.