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06/28/2010, 02:32 PM
I have an 8 plug power that is about 1 year old.

About 2 months ago the ATO dumped an entire reservoir of RO water into my system! I had not altered or re programed anything prior to this happening. The vendor I purchased the power bar from no longer deals with this product so I contacted aquatronica support. I deleted the level program and re installed it and the level program then seemed to function. Recently I came home to an entire reservoir once again having dumped into my system!

The level sensor seems to work OK..it reads low when the sump is visibly low and switches to OK when the desired sump level is reached.

If the sump is low the ATO pump is on and if the maximum fill time is exceeded and the sump level is still low the program blocks (as expected). However if the sump is filled to OK the ATO pump does not switch off...it will just keep on going discharging reservoir water until there is none left!

I now have manually switched the ATO plug to off..if the level indicator (and sump) are OK and I switch the ATO plug manually to restore it will start running and do so continuously emptying the reservoir into the tank!I can manually turn the plug on/off.

I have tried deleting and re entering the level program using the PC. I have disconnected the unit from the PC and deleted and reinstalled the level program from the LCD..neither action remedied he problem.

I have tried using a different plug for the level program and ATO plug but that made no difference and the main return timer program worked fine on the original ATO plug.

I have removed and reinserted the level sensor.

I contacted aquatronica support and sent them all the info listed on the software and power bar. I was hoping that perhaps they could/would send me a new level sensor program to install or even offer to replace the power bar if that is what is defective. So far I am waiting for a reply.

Any help or advice would be appreciated as I will be away for a bit in July and my spouse will not manually top up the system.

06/29/2010, 04:16 PM
Very strange problem, I would reset the controller and start from scratch. Make the ATO prg be the first you put in and test it several times before going further.

06/29/2010, 07:24 PM
I have not done that...
How does one "reset" the controller from a PC?

07/01/2010, 02:01 PM
You Reset it from within the setting menu on the controller itself.

1) Make sure you write down all your settings before you do it and don't use a backup of your settings because that might contain the same error thats causing the problem now. Look through the setting your writing down, make sure they all make sense before re-entering them.

2) Disconnect all external devices, except the main powerbar

3) Reset the controller.

4) Add back the devices one at a Time, if you have two pawerbars add the second one next. Let each device be detected, go in and Name it then add the next device.

5) Re-enter all your previous settings starting with the ATO and make sure it's working before moving onto the rest.

I got your PM but I think this answers all the questions, so I wont bother reply.