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06/28/2010, 04:16 PM
I had been noticing lately that my calcium was testing very high, around 550. I aim to keep it around 450.

I dose BRS 2 part, so to lower my calcium I stopped dosing calcium. I then tested again two days later, calcium was still 550.

I now started to doubt the calcium test, and tested a fresh batch of Instant Ocean. The IO tested at 800 !! I was using an older salifert test, probably at least 8 months old, so I figured it was off.

Off to the store I went and bought a new salifert calcium test, different batch numbers, tested my water again. Tank still 550, and instant ocean (at 1.026) 800 !

LFS is closed today, I am going to go and see if they will test my water. Or at the very least see if I can find a different test kit.

Is it possible I have a bad batch of IO with 800 ppm Ca++ and that is why my DT calcium is so high (water changes with 800 ppm water)?? Everything in my tank is looking well, so whatever my Calcium is, it isn't too bad.

Any ideas? Anyway to make a reference solution for calcium with table salt or something?



06/28/2010, 04:24 PM
I would try mixing the salt up, in case it settled over time with the calcium at top, but 800 ppm is very high for Instant Ocean. If the calcium is that high, it could be why your tank is so high in calcium.

So you had to use two syringes of titrant to measure the calcium?

06/28/2010, 04:34 PM
Well what I did was I used the low sensitivity and then multiplied by two. If I used the full 2ml, I ran out of reagent.

Just in case I am doing something wrong. I take 1 ml of salt water, put half a spoon full of powder, four drops of the solution in the dropper bottle, then mix, then add reagent until colour change.

I will try and mix the salt up (not sure how I am going to do that) and test again.