View Full Version : humble college student with questions on test kits

06/28/2010, 09:28 PM
its time to replace my test kits!!
im a college student and lacking in $$ but I still would like some accuracy right now I use API for everything. phosphate is impossible to read!!

so i hear salifert is really good but could someone tell me how exactly one does the test? drops titration?? ....

and is it worth it to get a digital pH meter and would a really cheap one still give good results (can you go wrong with a dig pH meter)??

i'm a bit befuddled so any help would be greatly appreciated

thanks in advance!!

06/28/2010, 11:12 PM
For an inexpensive and prolly more accurate test, hook up with biology /chem, aggie students and get the testing done at your school.

06/29/2010, 03:21 PM
Even a cheap pH meter might be as good as a test kit, or perhaps better, but I'd spring for one like the PinPoint, if that's within your budget.

The Salifert test kit works by color comparison, the way the nitrate kit works, for example, but the color is fainter and the change is less drastic, so it's not as easy to read. It's usually good enough, IMO, but the Hach kit (pricey to buy, fairly cheap for refills) is somewhat easier to read.

If your tank is doing well enough, you might not need any pH or phosphate kits.