View Full Version : Vertex IN-250 Skimmer - (second) pump putting out voltage

06/29/2010, 03:48 PM

I have a liittle bit of an issue, that I could use your help with.

My first Vertex pump I got a month ago was putting out stray voltage in my tank (as soon as I plugged it in I noticed it). I got a replacement pump the other day and as soon as I put the new pump in the tank, I haf the same issue, more voltage in the tank.

I know the pump is putting out the voltage because when I put my hand in the DT tank and the water hits a small cut, I can feel a small "tingle" (voltage) on the cut. When the pump is unplugged and my hand is in the tank, I don't feel any voltage.

The pump is plugged into a GFI...(I don't have a grounding probe).

Any ideas?


06/29/2010, 04:13 PM
It's normal. Most equipment with magnetic drives will create electromagnetism. It can produce anywhere from .1 volt to 10 or more volts. Get a grounding probe and it will go away.

Terence Trent
06/30/2010, 07:05 AM
I had the same problems with a IN-280, great skimmer but horrible pump.
I finally put a bubble blaster pump on it, it improved its performance big time.