View Full Version : HOB Filter w/ Phosban and Denitrate

06/29/2010, 03:56 PM
I have an HOB filter that has a sponge, activated carbon and denitrate in it.

I'm having battles with phosphates right now.

I only have 3 fish in a 55 gallon tank, 60 - 70 lbs of live rock and a 3" sand bed.

I have a Reef Octopus BH100F HOB Protein Skimmer running that is pulling some nasty stuff out.

Would it cause any issues if I took the sponge out of the HOB filter and ran a bag of carbon, denitrate and phosban in it?


06/29/2010, 04:05 PM
hey, what denitrator are you using ?

the sponge is actually adding to ure po4 and no3 ! so removing it is really good.

I would put GFO (phos ban) and carbon in the HOB filter.