View Full Version : Dosing Mg for Bryprosis. Im very Nervous!!

07/06/2010, 12:29 PM
I have a 40 breeder with very little bioload. Bryprosis is in the tank however its not devistating. Basically its growing on my frag plugs and between the eggcrate.

I read up on dosing Mg for Bryprosis. I started with mag sulfate and have used 1lb over the past 4 days. Due to possible sulfate issues I switched to Kents Tech M.

My Mag was just under 1000 ppm when I started this 4 days ago.

Ca+ and Alk within normal limits.

I have used a full pound dry or 1 gallon wet of Mag sulfate! and about 4 ounces of Tech M and my mag is currently at......1218ppm!!!!!! That dosent seen very high. I hade it up to 1500 ppm a few days ago and it has dropped off big time.

Based on the reef Chem calculator it says I need to add 25.0 oz of kent tech M to boost Mg to 1500.

Does the Mg have to stay at elevated levels 1500-1600 on a constant basis to beat bryprosis?
That just seems like alot of kent @ $15.00 a bottle..

07/06/2010, 01:23 PM
Very weird Im not sure what could be consuming Mg in a 40 breeder frag tank. I have 10 sps frags 1", a 5 " colony, and 40 - 50 small zoanthid frags. Very little LR no coraline to speak of.

07/06/2010, 05:00 PM
I'm not sure what's going on, but I suspect testing issues, or perhaps you did some water changes? It's largely impossible for 300 ppm to be consumed in a few days. The alkalinity would have to drop an enormous amount.