View Full Version : Head unit ACQ001 died during firmware upgrade

07/13/2010, 06:47 PM
I had some difficulty getting my main unit to communicate with the PC, after I updated to the latest serial/USB driver everything worked fine.
I decided to do the controller update from the file menu but for some reason it terminated before it had finished. The head unit is now dead.
I have read the FAQs and tried reconnecting but it won’t work.
I connected the ACQ222 to the controller and to the PC
Then started the Aquatronica program and
selected on the upper left File, then controller update
The PC will try to connect the controller, but it fails.
I also tried starting the Aquatronica program and
selected on the upper left File, then system update
The PC will try to connect the controller, but it fails.

Any other suggestions?



07/14/2010, 10:07 PM
go to aquatronicas website and fill out a support ticket.. you can also call them.. I have a extra head unit i can sell you... as a back up.


nemo's janitor
07/20/2010, 09:53 AM
The controller is most likely blocked. To unblock you need to connect your system to you PC. Do not try and connect the system by clicking the connect icon. Go to the "File Menus" and select "Update system" The pc display should say "checking for blocked devices" and unblock the controller.

Should this not help. Unplug the battery in the controller for a few hours and then retry above.

07/23/2010, 05:38 PM
Try the method used in your first post again, but this time use a diferent PC and different USB cable. Make sure you install the driver first before hooking up the controller.

Mark Elliott
02/17/2014, 06:06 AM
I know this thread is ancient but this worked for me.

My ACQ001 blocked showing a blocked level sensor. The key pad wouldn't work and it wouldn't connect to my pc via the USB link. The Ethernet module wasn't working either.

The solution? Take the back off (easier said than done, those screws fight back!), remove the battery (170 mAh rechargeable maybe I should have replaced it) wait a few minutes and put it back together.

Amazingly the programming and settings were intact so apart from the risk of damage there's no downside to trying this.


02/17/2014, 07:32 PM
Another thing I noticed when connecting to the PC is that I need to be on the status screen. If I'm buried in a menu other than the top level status, my PC can't connect to the head unit.

Mark Elliott
02/25/2014, 05:11 AM
I know aquatronica kit is poorly supported (if you are reading this chaps how about replying to my support request? Only don't bother because I fixed the problem myself) nevertheless it generally works well.

Recently I had some electrical work done which involved the power going on an off lots of times. I think that screwed up lots of stuff and my Ethernet unit (acq 225) seems to have suffered too.

After taking the system apart and rebuilding it sensor by sensor and device by device and cable by cable I was left with a Ethernet unit that didn't want to accept connections. I suspect the problem was a corrupt bit of firmware probably in the password file. Anyway after updating the firmware I also changed the IP address and unit password (not simple if you are permitting access from the internet via port forwarding) but it now works OK.

I suspect the solution to almost every issue is a slow and thorough rebuild to isolate whatever is actually broken, and even then ask here if anyone has a fix. Expecting a reply from Italy is unlikely to work.