View Full Version : Modify JBJ ATO or use something else?

07/21/2010, 02:12 PM
Hello. I installed a JBJ ATO to control RO/DI water to a reservoir. Rather than controlling a pump, it controls a 110V solenoid that stops the city water supply to the RO/DI unit. There is a single float switch in the reservoir backed up by a float valve for safety.

It works beautifully, EXCEPT for JBJ's wonderful 3.5-14 minute cutoff. As long as the system is JUST serving as ATO, it is great. BUT, I use the same water for water changes or to get a bucket of clean water for other purposes. There is the problem. if I take more than about a gallon of water out of the reservoir, the JBJ will never refill it.

So, my question (finally), has anyone figured out a way to modify or defeat this auto cutoff? No worries about liability because I have posted for the world to see that this is my modification and I know it defeats a safety measure.

If a mod is not available, what else could I use to accomplish the same goal? All I need is for something that can sense the float switch, then turn on and off a 110V outlet for the solenoid.

Thanks for any help!!