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07/22/2010, 01:05 PM
Ok so here is one that ive always been kinda unsure of.

Do you keep or loose my two floval canisters?

My tank is 125g display, 29g sump/refuigum with a large skimmer. I have about 300 lbs of live rock, and some soft corals, and polyps.
Ive been in a constant battle with algae, and every once in a while some one will mention i should get rid of the canister filters. But every week when i clean them i find more and more critters in there for my fish to feed on(my manderin especially).

Are there a lot of problems running this type of filtration? Are there benifits? What do you sugest?

07/22/2010, 02:21 PM
Remove all the filter material out of them and just run GFO and/or carbon in them.
Canisters with filter material are known nitrate farms. If you dont clean them out weekly they can become a problem.

07/22/2010, 02:26 PM
if you are only worried about the creatures, put a chunck of sponge in your sump, pods and ... will live in there. they will love u for it too
or some cheato would have the same effects

canisters sit below water level and detritus settles in it, hence why u see so much creatures munching on the detritus.

I have 5 canisters, 3 tanks, dont use any of the canisters lol researched for the longest time and canf find anything usefull to do with it, so instead of selling htem, I think I gotta set up a freshwater tank too

07/22/2010, 02:44 PM
Will the refugium be enough to filter out all the detritus? My sump/refugium is fed by a cpr over flow, so it is just skimming what is on the surface of the water. The two canisters took water from each corner of the back of the tank where detritus liked to settle.

07/22/2010, 03:05 PM
I get what you mean, I would increase flow in the tank, specially the dead spots detritus build up, so they cant settle in your DT and get pushed to sump.

then remove the canisters.

your Fuge will LOVE the extra detritus ! and will become a real Refugium

I have set up so all detritus in my tank would settle at the DSB of Fuge ! full of all sorts of creatures, and water is REALLY clear.

I should tell you though, I like to NOT remove detritus, and let pods eat them so fish can eat the pod and Id have a complete eco system going on. (hopefully self sustaining as well) we can never achieve this FULLY in captivity, so many reefers are against my way :) but I like it and ... something to keep in mind lol

07/22/2010, 04:08 PM
I wish it was a fully self sustained mini eco-system. But i guess that would take some of the fun out of it. Being a bio major I love the chemistry in getting things right. I went to the Queens hall of science, and they had a sphear set up as a sealed eco-system, fully self sufficient, has been sealed for something like 15 years. was pritty cool. (dont quote me onthe details, was a long time ago)

EaZy DuZ iT
07/22/2010, 04:23 PM
From what i learned on this forum is to stay away from canister filters (unless using it for freshwater).