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07/23/2010, 11:29 AM
SO I am thinking of going with a 36x36x18 100 gallon. I just purchased a ReefBrite Blue Led 36" for my 40 Breeder, and it looks good with 2 150watt phoenix HQI.

2 questions:

I know the ballast requirements for 400 watt Radium. Over a tank of this size, would a 400 watt be good, or 200 watt work just as well in a Lumen Bright SE Pendant?

I plan on keeping my sps towards the center of the tank (I have a island formation) and LPS/Zoas in the outter edges.

How could I keep my LED reefbrite while using pendants? THe only answer I can come up with would be 2x250 or 2x150 Pendants, then the led behind them. The LED is going to steal away from a rimless tank if I use it with a single Pendant and look overall goofy.

TO be clear I do not want to run a canopy as this is a rimless build.

07/26/2010, 06:30 PM
No one?

07/27/2010, 06:53 AM
I run a 400w Radium in a lumenarc mini over my 90, which is a 30x30x24" cube. I think that you would be happier with a 250w radium in a lumen bright. The spread will cover the tank with a single 250w setup. I'm actually downgrading my 400w in a lumenarc to a single 250w aqualine fixture, as the 400 is just too much light. I keep it 20" above the tank, and I'm still bleaching coral :) . Like I said, I think you would be very happy with a single 250w in a lumenbright, especially with your tank only being 18" high. As for keeping the LED's, your in a tough spot. Anything your going to do with them will look goofy. If your stuck on keeping them, consider building a hanging canopy out of wood. This would allow you to customize your lighting, while still being able to hide the equipment, without detracting from the clean rimless look. Hope this helps, and if you have any other questions, pm me.


07/27/2010, 07:25 AM
I think 250w is perfect for 18" depth, and I think 400w would be too much.

FWIW, if you have not purchased your tank already, check out glass cages b/c they are running a special on a 100g cube with your listed dimensions!


07/27/2010, 07:53 PM
Prop have to ditch the LED for now. So 250watt of a 36x36 spread will be enough?
Was really thinking LumenBright 3 single ended pendant. The tank is rimless so canopy is out. There is always ATI T-5's which I love the T5 for color choice but MH looks so great. I can do the 250 or 400 for much less than an ATI would cost to cover 36x36.

That special is the one I am getting! Pretty stoked.

07/27/2010, 09:02 PM
So 250watt of a 36x36 spread will be enough?
Depends on your definition of "enough." The spread will not light the entire footprint of the tank and you will have some shaded areas near the perimeter.

For me, this is ideal b/c I have a mixed reef so I will place SPS in the intense area and my LPS & zoas in the lower areas.

Was really thinking LumenBright 3 single ended pendant.
My current upgrade will be ~100g cube and I am considering a 34 x 34 footprint. After asking around and inquiring feedback from the Reef Specialty forum, I chose the LB Large pendant. I currently have all livestock in rubbermaids which are ~32" across and the spread from my pendant does not extend the full span. For your application I would consider the LB large or the Wide... For further recommendations I suggest posing in the Reef Specialty forum for Lumen Bright specific questions. If you search around you should also be able to find several par and coverage comparisons between the LB's and LumenMax's also.