View Full Version : new tank new algae! help please

07/29/2010, 08:15 PM
so i start my 20l tank almost two months ago. it went through a cycle within the 3 week and was fine for almost a mouth after. within the last week ive had a bloom of algae that is best discribed as a brown, web like aglae. kind of similar to cyano but not. color is dark brown red. does anyone have any clue what it is? and how to get rid of it?

tank info:
-20l with 20l sump/fuge (cheato macro, liter sock cleaned weekly)
-tunze nano skimmer making darker tea skimate
-two little fish phosphate reactor thats been changed twice since starting tank ( once being right after the algae bloom)
- 7 gallon water change once a week ( using RODI and salt made with redsea)
- readings: P04-0, alk 2.7 meq, cal-450, N03-1
- temp 78-80F
- light-10 hour run time

been keeping the algae at bay off the SPS with a baister, lol

07/29/2010, 09:04 PM
Sounds like dinoflagellates, which from what I understand is just about the most difficult algae to rid yourself of. Look like snot?

07/29/2010, 09:38 PM
yeah with long web like streamer comming off of it

ive read to turn off the lights for a few days and raise Ph... this method worries me!