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08/02/2010, 04:35 PM
Hello everyone - I am recently back to the hobby and have set up a new 150 gallon custom tank. My equipment and parameters are below. My issue is, I am having some red slime algae problems and I cant seem to get my nitrates below 20ppm. My goal is to keep SPS corals. Looking for some feedback on the tank to date:

2 - 250w 14k MH running 4 hours a day
2 - 110w Actinic/SuperActinic Bulbs running 12 hours a day
Precision Marine sump with RL175 Skimmer
Koralin Nitrate Reactor - Output 0 ppm for 3 weeks now
Phosphate Reactor
Hydor Wavemaker - 2 Korallia powerheads

PH - 8.1
Temperature - 80 F
Phosphates - 0 ppm
Ammonia - 0 ppm
Nitrates - 20 ppm

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

08/02/2010, 04:39 PM
Could just be that the tank is new and needs time to settle in. Maybe you could consider one of the more popular ways of dealing with NO3 like cheato or a carbon source. Otherwise, welcome back to the hobby!

Also, in a 150, 2 korallia powerheads are not going to be near enough flow. My next investment if I were you, would be higher quality powerheads like tunze or vortech. Keeping SPS changed dramatically when I upgraded to vortechs and now I wouldn't run a system without them.