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08/04/2010, 07:52 AM
Just wanted to state here that im a bit disappointed in the lack of communication that i got from bluezoo aquatics. When i first ordered my fish on 7/20/10 i wrote an email asking for a juvi as close to 2" as possible and that if the fish was not between 2-2.5 inches to please contact me. I received my order on thursday 7/22 and even though the fish did still have a bit of juvi coloration it was 3". A little bummed that no one contacted me but still happy because it seemed like it arrived ok. Forward to sunday 7/25 when i noticed that my angel had come down with ich, i proceeded to email bluezoo to notify them of my issue and if they had any course of action they preferred(since the fish was still under their guarantee), again i got no answer. I started hypo and the fish just has not done well, today morning i found him laying on his side, im sure he will be dead by the time i make it home, i know my fish is out of guarantee and im not here to flame bluezoo. Just trying to vent a bit of frustration at the loss of a great fish and lack of communication from a vendor. I would have tried calling them but only time i can do that is early morning and im sure they are not available at 4 am/ california time.

08/04/2010, 04:07 PM
That sucks that you are losing a great fish, I'm sure bloozoo will take care of you. sometimes it takes a little bit for them to return emails but they will. Not trying to stir anything up, but the difference between 2.5 and 3" when it comes to fish is VERY subjective, I doubt they pull the fish and hold it up to a ruler, I think within a 1/2 of an inch is very acceptable from a retailer.

Is the fish in QT? Ich is pretty easy to cure, you might want to treat with something more effective like cupramine (if in QT). I find that alot of fish don't tolerate hypo too well IMO

08/04/2010, 04:15 PM
Well i fully expect the fish to be dead when i get home tonight. Problem is that the description on the website said juvi blue line angel up to 2". we all can agree that there is a pretty big difference between 2" and 3". In the end that wasnt such a big deal, not getting a response from them the 2 times i tried to email them was. In my book customer service (and communication) is number 1.

08/04/2010, 06:20 PM
just as i mentioned, got out of work early and came home to find the blueline stuck on a rock dead as can be:


08/04/2010, 11:12 PM
That is not a juvenile fish. I would feel the same way you do. That fish has no yellow bar and is not what the description on the site says.


08/05/2010, 06:30 AM
Thanks Michael, your opinion is one of the few i truly respect along with copps and all the other fish nuts around here. No one from bluezoo has yet to say a thing to me either here or via email.


08/05/2010, 09:40 AM
I can't find anything on their site that says juvi. It says tiny (up to 1.5") and small (1.5 - 2".) I went back to my order from 7/15 and it says small (1.5-2") and nothing about juvi. Michael is right, that there is no juvi colors left on that guy. Too bad as they are really nice fish. Mine is doing excellent and came in with adult coloration and 2 1/4".

It may not have been ich. I suspect it may have been velvet as it is not affected by hypo and looking at the fins which appear to have hemorage. Velvet kills much quicker than ich. An excellent medication for velvet (and ich) is Cupramine.

I've always gotten great communication from BlueZoo.

08/05/2010, 09:53 AM
I thought velvet was rather fast? i have dealt with velvet previously and it wiped out all the fish in the tank in a matter of 3 days. This fish showed early symptoms 7/24 and i notified bluezoo on 7/25. That puts it at a total of around 10 days, weird thing is this fish was in qt with 1 other fish and the other fish is doing fine. thanks guys for chiming in, i think this is it for me and blue line angels. Cant afford another shot, specially once they go up to the normal prices.

08/05/2010, 10:35 AM
Yes, velvet is fast, but the speed depends on how many fish, fish's immune system, etc. could be ich, velvet was just my first reaction and based on the 10 days I would still guess velvet. I've seen tanks in which fish look perfectly normal and others are absolutely covered and the ones that were perfect never showed symptoms. One of the reasons I always QT.

08/05/2010, 12:43 PM
Thanks for the help, this fish was in qt along with one other fish, i was able to talk to Mark a few minutes ago and was asked to email them the picture of the dead fish for the claims department. As far as my emails to them it seems that there was some kind of glitch, guess that happens. Mark was quite helpful and patient in explaining the sizing policy with them. I will post back on here when they reply back with an answer to my claim.

08/06/2010, 08:50 PM
I had purchased a hippo tang from them a while ago and It ended up dying a couple days after I got it. (I'm not sure if it says this now) But I had to freeze the fish, and they ended up giving me my money back. They were great with customer service.

08/12/2010, 05:57 AM
I got a livestock credit yesterday which was expected because they emailed me about having some problems with a new server that backed up the claims dept. Im now looking forward to ordering new fish from bluezoo and want to say that after our confusion was ironed out i have had a great experience.

08/12/2010, 07:01 AM
And they happen to have one in stock


08/12/2010, 07:33 AM
should I try one more? i have had nothing but bad luck with the last 2 angelfish i tried..... anything else does great for me. So tempting because i will probably not get another chance anytime soon.