View Full Version : HELP.... Cloud Spots on Lionfish eyes...

05/15/2003, 11:50 AM

Firstly, your write up on Lionfish was great!!

I purchased a 6 inch Black Volitan about 2 weeks ago. He is currently being housed in my 55 gallon FOWLR by himself.

I'm noticing small dots of cloudiness on his eyes and need more info on the treatment and possible causes. I had seen that goldfish may carry a bacteria which can cause a liver disease, but I'm not sure of the validity of this. I have not fed him goldfish, but I'm pretty sure the LFS had. Since he has been in my care, he's had a steady nutritional fdiet of shrimp, talapia, squid strips, and frozen silver sides. His appetite is ravenous, and he has no other noticable symptoms.

Tonight I'll be testing the water for any parameters that may have gotten out of whack, but the only thing that may be off par would be nitrate as he was a heavy bioload addition to the tank..

I'd like to avoid using copper in the tank, but if it's the only option, it will be what I have to do.

Your advice is appreciated in advance.