View Full Version : Snail shells in my barnical colenes???

08/08/2010, 06:55 AM
I keep finding snail shells in my barnical colenes. I am worried that the hermits are falling in there and getting trapped, so I changed the angle of them so the barnical shell is horizontal. Therefore anything can climb in and out. I also emptied them of the shells and left the shells on the live rock, so that the hermits could find them. A month later I by chance checked the the barnical colency and the shells that I emptied out before seem to be back in there with a few new ones. Is it possible that something is collecting them and hiding them in there? I have not seen anything picking up the shells and transporting them to the barnical coleny, but maybe one of the hermits is using it as a walk-in-waldrobe. I should appreciate any thoughts. :spin2: